Chairman’s Report  2020/21

2020/21 two years like no other. 

Little did we know in 2020 as we entered the New Year with the prospect of our usual full programme, a mixture of talks, social evenings and trips out, the cataclysmic events that awaited us and the world at large.

We completed both our January and February meetings as listed on our diary of events for the year.However before we were able to complete our meeting planned for 16 March Covid 19 struck and the world changed forever.

We, together with everyone else, had little knowledge of what we were dealing with but given the serious nature of the pandemic our first concern was for the safety of our members. Government and local authority restrictions forced the eventual abandonment of the entirety of our years programme.

We were able to hold a virtual spring show on the society’s Facebook page, a fun event with no prizes awarded. This medium has provided a means for those members who hold an account to keep in touch and post photos of their own gardens for others to enjoy.

Following an invitation from the Mayfield Horticultural Society some of our members joined them in a Zoom meeting with a talk from Fergus Garrett of Great Dixter.

As we approach the years end it does seem with the start of a general inoculation programme we may be heading for the sunnier uplands in 2021 when we may be able to meet together again.


Our optimism for the year was dashed by the continuing restrictions required to cope with the pandemic.

Whilst some local societies resumed meetings in the latter part of the year we felt restrained by the unknown number of members who may attend our meetings and whom we would be unable to safely accommodate in the community centre should they come in pre pandemic numbers.

I appreciate that this was a disappointment to our members. However all decisions made by your committee will always be to protect the welfare of society members.

Consideration was given to online events but the uptake in participation of the Mayfield event previously mentioned indicated that this would not be worthwhile for our society.

I have to report the loss during the year of four members of your committee. Sadly both Chris Smith and Leigh Lonsdale passed. Bill and Margaret Coady have moved from our area. Their contributions to the society are greatly appreciated and we wish Bill and Margaret well in their new location.

So we can look forward to what will hopefully be a more settled year. Information on the coming years programme may be seen on this website.

Please remember that this is your society and if you feel that there are things you would like to see in future programmes please say and all ideas will be considered.

Cec Earl

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